A good selection of music can really make the celebration, bring guests together and create a truly memorable evening. Sound Factor professional DJ's will make your reception come alive and ensure people enjoy themselves whereas a poorly chosen DJ will stifle the mood. Don’t dismiss the music at your reception as an afterthought. It is an important component that is essential for a successful reception.

Sound Factor's role can be summarized as follows: play the songs you have chosen; play your guests’ requests; and play tracks in between which will give the evening a lift. It is the DJ’s goal and partly his responsibility that your guests enjoy themselves at the reception.

Sound Factor DJ's always have a large collection of music at their disposal. Our DJ's are able to play songs for all your guests regardless of age or taste in music. Requests are an important part of the evening - we guarantee participation and elevate the mood which is exactly what you want.

Our Pricing always includes specialty lighting and props (if desired). We believe lighting is an important component of a reception, therefore a mirror ball and color lighting is provided for every reception at no additional charge.

Sound Factor DJ's will meet with you personally to discuss the details of your reception. Special songs, dances and events will be planned in advance so during your reception your focus will be having fun and spending time with your family and friends. Sound Factor will judge the mood of your guests and play songs accordingly.