Displayed here is the main dashboard/homepage of your Gigbuilder account. Like nearly everything else in Gigbuilder, this page is completely customizeable to be able to choose exactly what groups of events/tasks to show, and how many of them. This screen is meant to give you an overview of your entire business - upcoming events, tasks, new leads, meetings, and more!

Displayed here is the all events view which contains the list of every single event in your database. Along with a powerful search function, finding information on a specific is no longer a "needle in the haystack". Using Web 2.0 technologies, whether you have 10 or 10,000 events inputted - the search and pages here generate nearly instantly.

For the DJs, the Music Database function within Gigbuilder is extremely powerful. You can either upload your titles from a CSV / text file, or simply change a setting and you can use our Default Library which is updated on a weekly basis. Like the Event Search page, we're using newer Web 2.0 technology which allows us to generate the pages of your music database just as quick whether you have 10 or 100,000 songs inputted! The possibilities are endless!

With Gigbuilder, you are now able to accept payments online from any of your customers! In the setup of your gigbuilder, you have the option to select to use PayPal, our in-house Credit Card system and rates, Authorize.net, or simply a secure form that customers supply with you with their credit card information so that you may manually key it into a terminal, for example. If you use our credit card system, you'll even be able to process a customers credit card instantly online using the Vertual Terminal screen (shown above).

Anytime a payment is made, the event is automatically updated with the payment amount, and calculates the new balance due. No more running to the bank to deposit checks (although you can manually key in check payments into gigbuilder as well!).

With Gigbuilder, as soon as you create an event - the customer then has access to their own login area as well! With some simple HTML code that we provide you, the customer logs in directly from YOUR website with their event date, and the password you assign. Once logged in, they'll see all the details for their event, be able to make a payment, fill out the custom worksheets that you assign them, create the timeline for their event, make music selections & requests, edit their personal information, view any upcoming scheduled meetings, and much more! All of these options, however, are only allowed if permitted by YOU - you can turn on or off as many of the settings as you'd like!

Additionally, All colors and fonts are completely controlled by you so as to mirror the look of your website!

Gigbuilder is extremely powerful in the fact that every worksheet created for an event is CUSTOM designed by you! No longer are you constrained to a worksheet form that somebody else designed! The worksheet above is strictly an example - yours can look completely different.

The music selector provided for the customer allows them to login at anytime of day, browse your music library, and add songs to their "Must Play", "Priority Requests", and "Do Not Play" lists. Of course, this is all customizeable as well! You can change the titles of the sections, and how many in each section the customer is permitted to add.

Special requests for First Dance, Bride & Father, Groom & Mother, etc Dances are selected by adding it in one of your worksheets that you assign the customer. This music selector is simply for general requests.

Displayed here is the central location of information for a specific event, in this case just an example/demo event. As you can see, all the information is neatly organized into different tabs for easy access. Any information in each field displayed is available for use in any of your printouts, contracts, etc. so that you never have to retype the same information, EVER again!