Shared Resources
You may share certain items with up to five other Gigbuilder users. For example, you can share your appointment schedule with another Gigbuilder user who may occupy the same office area.
Slot16 Digit Gigbuilder IDAppointment OptionsEvent OptionsCheck Availability OptionsStatus
1. N/AN/AConnected
2. N/AN/AUnknown
3. N/AN/AUnknown
4. N/AN/AUnknown
5 N/AN/AUnknown
1. To view another user's resources, you must email them the following 16 digit code --> 86256D5B0049F808
2. When you receive their 16-digit code, provide it in one of the five slots above and select options.
3. Sharing will not start until EACH Gigbuilder user has the other user's 16 digit code. They do NOT have to be in the same slot.
Share events with your facebook or facebook fan page. Simply select SHARE from any event to add it to Facebook!
Share event information
You may post event information to your page, a fan page you control, or both. Gigbuilder will only share to facebook certain events that you manually select. Look for the [FACEBOOK] button in the event worksheet. Click HERE to create a fan page. Note: using this will post as your main profile, not as your fan page.
Name or ID of your fan page
Navigate to your fan page in facebook. The ID or page number will appear as follows: where XXXX is your name or id. Enter the number only.
Google Calendar
Share with Google Calendar. Even create viewable calendars for your website. You may create up to four calendars with different options.
ItemPasscode (must be unique)Appointment OptionsEvent Options*Google URL (must save first)
1. Create a unique passcode for each calendar. This will be part of the url sent from Google calendar and prevents others from viewing (if private)
2. Choose which items you want displayed in each calendar. For a public calendar you may want to just show your public events.
3. SAVE when done, then copy (ctrl+C) each Google URL.
4. In Google Calendar, go to Other Calendars, ADD, ADD by URL then paste the Google URL (above)
5. Your calendar will update TO Google every 2 hours. You can then use Google Calendar to sync with many other items such as blackberries, outlook, etc.
6. In order to SHARE your new calendars with mobile devices such as your iphone, visit the following page AFTER uploading your new calendars:
* Event options only show confirmed, post production, and completed status'

Slot Check Results

Slot #1 allows No Access from Indispensable DJs