Client Login Options
General Client Options
Your client login portal provides numerous tools for planning their event. You can limit which actions your customer can perform by checking (or de-checking) each client option.

Show or Hide certain information.

Select additional information you would like displayed on the client login home page.

Do you want to lock-out changes made by the client a certain number of days before the event?
Venue Selection
If the venue for a customer has NOT been selected, you can provide the customer with an option to select a venue for the first time.
Website Client Login Form Options
You have the option allowing your client to edit/view all their events (need to add a username on client record), login to current event by using the event date, and/or permitting guests to login to your system.
Options for the Event Planner/Client
Options for Event Guests/Customers
Disabling PIN system requires an event date and passcode only. Guests will be able to make unlimited requests.

Migration Options
If migrating from another service provide the following information. Note: When importing, booked events will automatically use their existing planner from the migrated service. To change this status simply OPEN any event, click EDIT, then click PAPERWORK. Uncheck the "Use Alternate Login" box to use Gigbuilder for client planning. Check the box to use your prior event planner.
Migration Source & ID
Which service did you migrate from and what was your company ID?
- ID -->
Migration URL (optional)
If the client login is not functioning properly you might have to provide the full URL of your old event planner.
Refer a Friend Page Text
Your client has the ability to refer friends from within their login area. Turn this feature ON by selecting the Refer a Friend from the Login options (above). You may provide an optional message to your client by typing in the space below. If you provide a reward system (cash for clients), tell them. Otherwise, your client will receive the default message.
Refer a Friend Auto Email
If your client refers a friend the following email can be automatically sent to them. Leave it blank and you'll only receive their contact information (no email will be sent). You may use the specialized tokens provided below to customize your email.
Select Token
Copy & Paste ->
Party Store (Coming Soon)
If you selected 'Order Party Supplies' as one of the customer login options, you'll need to supply your ---------. If you are not a member, please click the link (below) to create your free store and you'll earn a 14% commission on everything sold in the store!
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Store Name
Store Options