General Client Options

Your client login portal provides numerous tools for event planning. You can limit which actions your customer can perform by selecting various options. If ePay is enabled you can select client payment options here.

Look & Feel

Set the following fields to match your website colors as closely as possible. These colors will be used to generate widgets on your website.


Background Image

Default Font Type

Freeze Changes

Do you want to lockout changes made by the client a certain number of days before the event? It can be overridden individually.

Venue Selection

If the venue for an event is not selected you can provide your client the ability to choose one for the first time.

Event Guest Options

Provide event guests with the ability to select music and/or use the PIN system (highly recommended) which can set request limits plus help the client build a guest list.

Migration Options

If you previously used another booking service and wish to continue their planner for events not originally entered into Gigbuilder**

Refer a Friend Page Header

If enabled your client has the opportunity to refer friends from within their login area. You may create a customized page header or if left blank it will use the system default

Refer a Friend Email Template

When a client provides referrals in their planner you have the option to immediately send each referral a customized email. Leave it blank to disable this feature. In either case you will receive an email with contact info.