Event Deposits
Type of Deposit

Event deposits can be a fixed fee or percentage of event cost. You may also provide separate deposit policies for each event package which overrides this default setting.

Deposit Amount

If the deposit is fixed, provide the exact amount (100 would be one hundred dollars). For percentages, provide the full percentage (i.e. 25 would equal 25%)

Deposit Wording

When providing information to the client, Gigbuilder will use the term specified here. Most people choose to use the default, Deposit -- but some areas require additional verbage such as Non-Refundable Deposit, Retainer, etc..

Travel Charge Wording

Defaults to 'Travel Fee' but you can change to whatever you'd like.

Event Defaults
Default Event Type
Shows when an event is created as the default event AND when a prospect checks availability unless you have an event type field.
Default Overtime Rate
Amount (per hour). This amount can be overridden on a package basis. If your package has a value for overtime, that value will be used. Otherwise, Gigbuilder will use the rate you supply here.
Automatic Contract Date
Automatically figure the date sent on a contract when the event goes into Pending status (if blank).
Contract Due Default Days
How many days after sending a contract does it become due?
Balance Due Default Days
How many days prior (or after) the event is the balance due?
Default Setup Time
How much time (in minutes) is required for basic setup? Use this amount in conjunction with event and venue setup times.
Default Event Start Time
What is the most popular event start time.
Default Event Duration
How long does your most popular package run?
Travel Time

Provide an average travel time to and from your office to/from an event venue. Each venue has these fields and will override this default. For example: if travel time is set to 30 mins to and from but the venue travel time is: 60 mins to and 45 mins from, the venue time will be used instead.

Setup/Breakdown Time

To figure arrival time, Gigbuilder needs to know how long it takes to setup and breakdown. A more accurate estimation is to provide the average time it takes for each Package THEN for each Venue provide additional time such as time to park, elevators, stairs, etc. If your venue and package do not contain values we will use these instead

Duplicated Event Status
What status should a duplicated event begin with?
Drop Down Boxes
Referred By Choices
List is provided to prospect when checking availability or when connecting with a customer for an appointment.
Client Marketing Categories
List of marketing categories for mass emails, etc. Examples could be "Women's Group", "Favorite Contacts", etc..
Dress Attire
List of dress choices for various events.
Appointment Titles
Helper for adding repetative titles for meetings such as 'client meeting', etc.
Contact History Helper
Helper for adding history notes, contact notes, and special request notes.
Employee Job Roles
List of job roles for employees/resources such as DJ, Photographer, Photo Booth, Roadie, Dancer, etc.
Inventory Item Categories
Categories for inventory items - lighting, sound, photo, etc.
Venue Restrictions
Fog Machines - Towing - Access - etc.
Income Categories
Event & Non-Event income categories.
Payment Categories
Event & Non-Event pay-to categories.
Misc. & Global Defaults
Default City & State
Use the following city and state as defaults when creating a new venue, resource, or client when a city or state is not specified.
Open in Edit Mode
Events open in read-only mode to avoid conflicts with client editing. Change to 'yes' will open in edit mode but make sure NOT to save while working with a client's online planner.
View Page Counts
When opening a view such as clients, events, etc., how many entries per page would you like to see? Mobile devices automatically show only ten at a time.
Link Expiration
When sending contracts, worksheets, surveys, etc., you can set the number of days the link is valid which defaults to unlimited.
Activity Log

Log Gigbuilder activity by admin and employees. Entries show by day and optionally by resource. If most activity is by a single person we suggest to log all activity together.

Full Calendar Options
Determine which events/activities appear on the full calendar, located under the Tools menu.
Meeting/Appointment/Task Defaults
Default Appointment/Meeting Duration
How long does your average meeting last?
Reminder Emails
Select the time and appointment attendee(s) to receive an email reminder
Reminder Text Message
Select the time and appointment attendee(s) to receive an SMS reminder on their phone
Reminder RoboCall
Select the time and appointment attendee(s) to receive an automated VOICE meeting reminder
Next Action Reminder
Select to send a text message, email, or both when a next action is due
Send Reminders Immediately
In addition to reminders x days before the meeting, send a copy when the meeting is first saved.
Daily Summary Email
Choose to display all appointment in the daily summary email message.
After Date Passes
What should Gigbuilder do with the appointment/meeting after the date has passed
Default TASK Type
When creating tasks, what is the default task type?

This helper works best for small single-op businesses when the default employees will be the same for most events (such as a single-op).

Primary Resource
Select the person who will be auto-assigned to all new events.
Backup Resource
Select the second person who will be auto-assigned to all new events.
Admin Resource
Select the event Administrator.
Gigbuilder 5 Downgrade

You may downgrade to version 5 at any time. This may be necessary if a feature is required from 5 that is not properly functioning in version 6.