System Defaults
Try version 6

Gigbuilder 6 was released on New Year's Day. You may switch between versions by pressing the Upgrade Button. Beta products have outstanding issues and your willing to participate will help us provide the best product possible. Please read the instructions (after pushing the button) for more information.

Event Deposits
Gigbuilder will use the following information to figure default deposit amounts. You can override this amount by creating a package.
Type of Deposit
Wording (deposit-retainer-etc)
Event Defaults
Sets various event planning defaults.
Open in Edit Mode
Events open in read-only mode to avoid conflicts with client editing. Change to 'yes' will open in edit mode but make sure NOT to save while working with a client's online planner.
Default Event Type
Default Blackout Quantity
When creating a blackout, how many systems, by default, should there be?
Default Show Entries
How many entries per page do you want to see when opening views?
Travel Charge Wording
Venue Visibility
When a new venue is created, Gigbuilder can show it in a list for customers or hide it so only you can see it.
Default Overtime Rate
Amount (per hour). This amount can be overridden on a package basis. If your package has a value for overtime, that value will be used. Otherwise, Gigbuilder will use the rate you supply here.
$ billed
Automatic Contract Date
Automatically figure the date sent on a contract when the event goes into Pending status (if blank).
Contract Due Default Days
How many days after sending a contract does it become due?
Balance Due Default Days
How many days prior (or after) the event is the balance due?
Default Event Start Time
What is the most popular event start time.
Default Event Duration
How long does your most popular package run?
hours minutes
Default Setup Time
How much time (in minutes) is required for basic setup? Use this amount in conjunction with event and venue setup times.
Duplicated Event Status
What status should a duplicated event begin with?
Event Next Action Reminders - minutes prior
Resource Location Defaults
Default Location
What city and state/province should a new resource default to?
City State/Province
Appointment/Meeting Defaults
Default Appointment/Meeting Duration
How long does your most popular package run?
hours minutes
Meeting Reminder Email Time
Should Gigbuilder send a reminder email?
Text/SMS Recipients
Who should automatically get a text message?
Email Recipients
Who should receive a reminder email?
Daily Summary Inclusion
Should the appointment/meeting be included in your daily summary email?
After Date Passes
What should Gigbuilder do with the appointment/meeting after the date has passed?

Built-In Printout Inclusion
Until your own printouts are created, use our built-in forms.
Event Worksheet
Music Selection
Drop-Down Boxes
Several items on your event worksheet can be populated with your own custom choices. Leave blank and Gigbuilder will use built-in values.
Referred by Choices
Default Referred by Choice
Next Action Choices
Contact History, Private Event Notes, & Special Announcements Choices
Income Categories
This is for non-event related income such as the sale of equipment, etc.
Expense Categories
Dress Attire Choices
Appointment Title Choices
Requests for Reviews
Create a list that will show in POST production that would remind your client via token to review your services such as The Knot, Facebook, etc..
Contact Categories
Default Dress Attire
Database Maintenance
Use one of these options to fix database errors.
Refresh your Search Index (Gigbuilder refreshes hourly, but if you just uploaded a lot of data, run this for immediate results)
Rebuild Search Index (If refreshing the search index doesn't work or your past appointments need to be deleted, try this)
Remove Duplicate Venues (clean up your venue list if there are multiple duplicates)
Compact (speedup) Database (this is normally run daily -- run only if you just deleted a lot of files)
Check & Repair Tables (this may take gigbuilder offline for a few minutes)
Repair DELETED DOCUMENT issues (Gigbuilder will fix 'deleted document' error on all current events This may take some time so push ONLY ONCE!!)
Force Sync (Gigbuilder automatically syncs your data between the backup and live servers multiple times daily - click this once to force it to do so immediately)
Setup Wizard You can run or re-run the setup wizard if necessary