Reporting Widgets

Widgets display a graphical representation of Gigbuilder data and appear in a small rectangle at the very top of the dashboard. Select widget(s) and the type of device you'd like it displayed on.

Availability Requests

Depending on the reporting period this widget will either display a count or a graph containing information on when your availability checker was used.


Widget displays a count of all e-Signatures along with the most dated requests. Click each document from the widget to electronically sign.


Calendar Control

Displays an event calendar on your dashboard automatically sized for your device. Your calendar will display below any Report Widget and above legacy widgets. Gigbuilder also contains a full calendar which is available on its own page

Legacy Components

Use all the widgets from prior versions of Gigbuilder. Many of these widgets have been added to the taskbar but are here for backward compatibility. Mobile devices have an upper limit of ten items (and a + button for additional) for each widget to conserve space.

Event Status Widgets
Web Requests

Widget displays event requests made from your date checker or Gigbuilder-engaged websites such as, Check My Wedding Date, WedExperts, etc.


Status of Lead is the default when you generate an event OR once a Web Request has been edited.


Events marked by Pursued will show up in this module. Consider a Pursued event as a HOT LEAD. Normally you would have provided pricing information and probably setup a prospect meeting, but they have yet to request a contract.

Pending Contract

Widget displays events where a contract/invoice has been sent but not yet received OR if deposit hasn't been received.

Booked Events

Displays Upcoming Confirmed events sorted by event date.

Post Production

Events in Post-Production will show in this module. Events become Post Production after an event date passes (if configured)

Recently Accessed

Displays the most recently modified events which are Lead, Pending, Confirmed, or in Post Production


Displays upcoming appointment and meetings. Mobile devices are limited to ten events regardless of selection.


Displays all blackout dates both partial and full office. Use blackouts to remove additional systems, resources, or events from a particular date.


Display appointed tasks (other than next actions) ordered by date and time . Mobile devices are limited to ten events regardless of selection.

Approved Time Off

Display all time off requests that have been approved

Time off Requests

Display all requests for time off by your subcontractors or employees

Change Requests

Client change requests will display in this widget. They have the option to request changes to the date, start time, duration, venue location, etc. Accept or Decline directly from the widget.


Display all documents that have been signed by client's and are awaiting your signature.

Misc. Controls
Purchase Manager

Displays requested music that is NOT in your library. Purchase Manager only works if you have your own database uploaded and are NOT using the default Gigbuilder Music Library

Next Actions

Displays all active next actions and allows to complete or fail by selecting each option.

Legacy Modifiers

The following options can provide additional information for most event-based widgets. Each option consumes additional space on the desktop and does NOT appear on mobile devices.

Hide Empty Widgets

Any desktop widget that is empty (no events, etc) can be hidden to improve readability

Primary Employee

If the primary resource was assigned to an event, display their name and link to profile.

Admin Person

If an event admin was assigned to an event, display their name and link to profile.

Second Employee

If the secondary resource was assigned to an event, display their name and link to profile. Additional employees do not appear due to space constraints.

Location/Venue Name

If the primary venue was assigned to an event, display the name and link to profile. Additional venues do not appear due to space constraints.