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You can change the look and feel of Gigbuilder by selecting one of the options listed to the right. After saving, refresh to see new template.
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Sets the height of the HTML editor used in creating contracts. Use the smallest value if your screen display is 1024x768 or less.
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Emails and notifications sent by Gigbuilder will show this address as the RETURN email address.
Enter one email address only, multiple entries are not accepted.
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To further personalize an email message the following name will be prepended to the email address. It can be your company name, blank (none), or any other name.
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Gigbuilder can send a daily email containing all the work you need to do each day.
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You may provide up to two cell phone numbers for the purpose of sending and receiving SMS messages from Gigbuilder.
We will send all leads and booking information to your Return E-Mail address and a condensed form text messaged for up to TWO cellular phones. Make sure you provide the full ten digit phone number with no spaces or dashes. Your Return E-Mail address will also be used whenever a message is sent from this portal. Our short code number is 57682. Text Gigbuilder to 57682 for a text-back menu.
Mail Server (experimental)
This is a version 6 feature migrated for test purposes. Gigbuilder can route emails to clients and employees through your own mail server which means replies will go straight to your company email address. You'll need the smtp server address, your email login and password, plus the port used.
SMTP Relay: SMTP Server Address:
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Sales Tax
Type the default sales tax percentage which will be used to pre-populate event information sheets. It can also be changed on a per-event basis. DO NOT USE THE % SIGN!! Please enter as whole number (Such as 6 or 6.5...NOT .06)
Default Sales Tax Rate: %
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Please provide a one or two paragraph description of your company and services for the Gigbuilder Internet Directory. The description will appear on city results and a directory-run check availability page.
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Creat a signature to insert into emails, documents, contracts, etc. via a single token.