Music Request System
Jukebox Filters
Each Music library has a self-contained search engine which can filter results by dates, categories, etc. Before enabling a filter, make sure your database contains the required information. For example, in order to provide date filtering, your music library must contain a date/year for a majority of your songs. The built-in Gigbuilder music library already contains everything necessary. Use the Options below to customize each filter. Select 'Hide' if you do not want to display the filter option(s) on your search page.
List Filter Options:
Click each decade and/or list that can be used for filtering.
Song Category List(s):

1. Select items from the Built-In List
2. Add your Own to the Custom List
3. Tag songs in your library

Song Category Lists could include suggested first dance songs, top 100 lists, etc.

Built-In Category ListCustom List (one per line)
Top Chart(s):
Your customer can select music from our huge library of music requests rated by request count. There are popular charts such as Billboard Top 100 and specialty charts such as wedding first dance. We highly suggest selecting all the charts.
Popular Charts

Specialty Charts

Genre Filter Options:

1. Select items from the Built-In list
2. Add your own to the Custom List
3. OR -- Don't filter by genre

On custom lists, use only ONE genre per line. Built-In list, you must select each genre. Custom list is ineffective if using the built-in Gigbuilder music library.
Built-In Genre ListCustom List (one per line)
Display Defaults
Select the default chart to show when the jukebox is first loaded, optional listen options, and determine if you want song information to be imported if missing from your personal library.
Default Chart:
This chart appears when the music jukebox first starts. It does not have to be selected (above). It can also be the first few songs in your database OR your favorites (marked in Your Music.
Select Chart
Give it a Title
Listen Options:
Gigbuilder can normally automatically find a music video for the client to view/listen. In the case when a video cannot be found (rare), select which music service you'd like to use as a backup.
Music Request limits
Client may select music into four categories. Use the following controls to limit the number of requests in each category, and optionally rename the categories.
Priority Requests:
Additional Requests:
Don't Play:
Special Requests (Not Found in Library):
Alternate Title:
Alternate Title:
Alternate Title:
Alternate Title:
Generic Music Database Page
You may also provide a page on your website where people can simply browse your music library. This can be used as a sales tool as the generic page can automatically contain a check availability and other options (select below).

Custom Text/HTML for top of music browse page
Custom Text/HTML for bottom of music browse page