Music Database Setup
Select Database
The default library has over thirty thousand songs and is automatically kept up to-date. You may also upload and manage your own custom list.

Built-In Database Options
Explicit Lyrics
Gigbuilder employs explicit filters that cover most offensive words (replacing them with ***) by default. Our database is hand-selected and we do the very best to insure family-friendly material. If you find a mistake, report it -- under the Media Tab.

Custom Database Options
Import Database
Subscription Services
If you have subscription services such as Promo Only or PrimeCuts, then use this utility to import the music you own.
Import Subscription Service Music
iTunes Application
You can use iTunes to get a list of all songs on your hard drive. Its quick and easy!
Import iTunes Music List
Custom List
Use Excel or similar program to create your own music list. This option also works for lists created by CATTRAXX
Import Custom Music List