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NameDescriptionList items
15 Min. Time Intervals15 Min. Time Intervals - Please Select -,12pm,12:15pm,12:30pm,12:45pm,1pm,1:15pm,1:30pm,1:45pm,2pm,2:15pm,2:30pm,2:45pm,3pm,3:15pm,3:30pm,3:45pm,4pm,4:15pm,4:30pm,4:45pm,5pm,5:15pm,5:30pm,5:45pm,6pm,6:15pm,6:30pm,6:45pm,7pm,7:15pm,7:30pm,7:45pm,8pm,8:15pm,8:30pm,8:45pm,9pm,9:15pm,9:30pm,9:45pm,10pm,10:15pm,10:30pm,10:45pm,11pm,11:15pm,11:30pm,11:45pm
Announcement ChoicesAnnouncement Choices
Ceremony PlaylistCeremony Playlist Prelude,Mothers,Attendants,Bride,Unity Ceremony,Special Music,Recessional,Postlude
Dinner StylesDinner Type Choices
Music GenresMusic Genres 80s Dance,80s Rock,Top 40,House,Top 40 Hip Hop,Deep Hip Hop,Rap,Disco,Funk
Numerical ChoicesNumerical Choices
Setup LocationSetup Location List Reception Area,Ceremony Area,Cocktail Hour Area
Speciality DancesSpeciality Dances
Survey ChoicesSurvey Choices Please Select,Perfect,Excellent,Good,Fair,Poor,N/A
TestTest List item1,item2,item3,item4,item5
timelinetimeline -Please Select-,Welcome Speech (A Great Way to say Thank You to Everyone),Toast(s) Who will be given the toast? (List Below if Applicable),Blessing (Name of person giving it.)(List Below if Applicable),Dinner: What time will it be served & Music Style: (List Below if Applicable),Cake Cutting (Song) (List Below if Applicable),First Dance – Bride & Groom (song) (List Below if Applicable),Bride & Father Dance (song) (List Below if Applicable),Groom & Mother Dance (song) (List Below if Applicable),Open Dance Music Begins ,Garter Toss --- Song: (List Below if Applicable),Bouquet Toss --- Song: (List Below if Applicable),Last Dance – Bride & Groom (song) (List Below if Applicable),Special Activity (song) (List Below if Applicable)