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Special Music Lists

Click each special music category that applies to this event type.

Packages - Addons - Discounts

Select packages, addons, and discounts that apply to this event type. Only items selected below will display during check availability

Additional Documents

Click each selectable document that applies to this event type and it will auto-populate each new event

Custom Client Portal Links
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Text Message Auto Responder
160 characters remain

You may copy and paste tokens to create a custom message that will be sent to your prospect IF they provided a mobile phone number. Keep it short and simple. Only the first 160 characters will be sent. Use the Message Count for a size estimate.
Email Auto Responder

Create your message body with rich text and customize by including tokens (field values from appointments, clients, etc) by pressing [Insert Token] below. Tokens will appear at the current cursor position.
Default Event Image

Upload an addon image which will be used in various locations including check availability.

Media Options

Photo Upload Controls will be available once New service type has been saved.