Build VersionChanges
  • Fixed issue with event worksheet not properly doing math when event created from the web
  • Fixed several check availability issues
  • Tested some new SMS routines
  • Fixed background image on client login
  • Permit uploading of custom background image for client login
  • Fixed numerous bugs within client login such as not showing event name when editing worksheets
  • Fixed issue with wrong css displaying during client login window
  • Timelines save properly
  • Event image now displays on client login
  • Pursued leads added to homepage - was not showing even if selected
  • PDF print button now works on all documents previewed
  • Fixed issue with some worksheets not printing using the PRINT button when event is being edited
  • worksheets may now be printed individually - open and press the PRINT button (just like contracts, documents)
  • Fixed issue with messages or text messages not being displayed to client
  • Fixed issue with client being able to read old messages
  • Fixed issue with editing or adding additional client (was going to primary)
  • Event payments view was not displaying by date
  • Payments and expenses can be edited on event form
  • Deposit percentages properly being applied
  • Default deposit information now available in Defaults & Options - may override by package
  • Fixed issue with paypal billing not creating records
  • Fixed issue with payments not applying automatically to events
  • Fixed issue with payments not notifying or sending receipts
  • Fixed account summary on client login to accurately show payments
  • Fixed issue with some contracts not displaying in email drop-down box
  • Added last name to event name when clicking quick buttons from dashboard
  • Fixed issue with billing options/addons tax
  • Fixed some formatting and navigation issues
  • Modified reminder routine -- some were not going out
  • Updated music database billboard insertions
  • Added page to create additional client links for client login (from v5)
  • Updated client login area to display custom links
  • Fixed issue with admin logging in as client and opening the wrong client when using client login link
  • Fixed issue with client login when client was set to always login -- override
  • Considerably sped up the client login routine
  • Fixed issue where client could see unsigned contract by service provider
  • Fixed issue with signing contracts by service provider -- just click and sign
  • Notifications to client and admin when date check has been fixed
  • Blackout forms properly load
  • Overtime info re-added to packages
  • Packages set to display rates now show on check availability
  • Fixed issue with client email not displaying all mail templates
  • Fixed issue with package selection
  • Meetings drop down was erroring when a duration field was not valid -- fixed
  • Added file/attachment manager to venue forms
  • Added file manager to event worksheet for testing -- will apply globally after test
  • Added signed document viewer to event worksheet
  • Fixed some SMS messaging issues
  • Fixed pricing display on check availability form -- was defaulting to show price
  • Fixed issue with taxes when only one package was selected (packages must have taxable set to yes)
  • Fixed explanation of worksheet when client adding info
  • Fixed issue with client typing song request and not saving -- also was not saving in select text fields -- both fixed
  • Fixed issue with printing documents (cleared stray html elements)
  • Cloud Manager has been re-activated
  • Image uploads now functional
  • Fixed issue with selecting music IF not using default database
  • Fixed client login menu so that it displays collapsed on mobile devices until menu button is selected
  • Changed beta versions (MMDDXX) which will show the month, day, and release (during day) instead of progressive numbering
  • Fixed issue with printing worksheets while in edit mode
  • Fixed issue with text messaging mutliple appointment attendees