Build VersionChanges
  • Fixed issues with some worksheets and forms not printing in client worksheet (edit mode)
  • Generic music list now prints in client edit mode
  • Fixed issue with music fields not saving when song not found
  • Alpha version of social media manager completed
  • Fixed some auto email issues
  • Added ? button on event worksheet for more venue INFO plus map
  • More cleaning and polishing
  • Fixed some issues with events not closing properly
  • Fixed issue with 20 showing between spaces in E-Signatures
  • Fixed some SMS sending issues
  • Dates of status change were not automatically being saved through event acton changes
  • Discount4 token now shows proper values
  • Fixed some issues with auto-email agents
  • Added additional triggers for scheduled email based on event status change date
  • Fixed some issues with client forms and special characters
  • Post-event options for client login are in web settings - client
  • Option for main calendar to only show active events (no postponed, archive, etc)
  • Music database overhauls and cleanups
  • When saving a client the client view displays instead of the homepage
  • Virtual meetings and screen sharings completed
  • Added feature to record Gigbuilder activity for admin and employees (beta)
  • Additional polishing
  • Added POPhelp -- when you see dotted grey lines, click for help
  • Added screen sharing to web conferencing (help video coming soon)
  • Screen Sharing is BETA -- we ask you to try it first and report any issues you may see
  • Added new responsive availability forms
  • View counts per page can now be set in defaults
  • Client activity will not email if configured (fix)
  • Check Availablilty menu option now displays available employees/resources
  • Fixed a few issues with client worksheets not saving some data
  • Additional Polishing
  • Added V5 Employee portal (alpha) for testing and improvement
  • Added drop-down in employee record to select V5 or V4 portal (v5 portal is in alpha)
  • Added ability for employees to provide their own contact info (which can be seen in resource tab)
  • Added ability to send employees notes and instructions (resource tab)
  • Polishing continues
  • If default package is assigned to an event type when creating a new event it will auto-populate and figure costs
  • Added a new desktop widget for postponed events (find in settings -> dashboard)
  • Added buttons in housekeeping to view and clear all session data (for debugging)
  • Employee login area main GUI completed (should have beta by Easter)
  • Fixed issue with improper start times and duration when running check availability phone script
  • Added feature on dashboard calendar to run the phone script on selected date
  • Fixed issue with random characters + signs, etc., appearing when copying and pasting in certain areas
  • Added default package type to events (will integrate next release)
  • Polishing continue
  • added button on homepage to open full calendar
  • full calendar is fully functional -- click to dates and click to create event or appointment
  • appointment now allows you to easily add event resources if event selected within the appointment
  • appointment new feature (from 5) allows you to store common event title/name and click to recall
  • fixed default start time on event when no date was originally selected
  • page breaks work in documents and worksheets (for worksheets they can be in a section or a field -- click to edit you'll see the option
  • Created a new report for detailed work schedule
  • Improved print functionality displays table headers on all printed pages for reporting
  • Added meeting name helper
  • Polishing continues
  • Added popovers on the big calendar
  • Added filtering for big calendar -- in setup
  • Added color coding back for meetings (similar to events)
  • Fixed popup dialog boxes to display default state correctly
  • Paypal will work for payment of contract deposit IF its the only digital payment type accepted
  • added new hotkey <ctrl><alt>d which will open any record in a new screen and put it into edit mode
  • Added new feature for homepage which can change the effect of the buttonbar to either display the dropdown or go directly to the view
  • Added feature in email to send messages to a marketing list (in contacts)
  • Polishing continues including updating event views to contain more columns (such as balance due)
  • Polishing continues
  • Employee notes can be added in each event. Click the pencil on each employee table row
  • COVID-19 SBA Helper online -- click Tools -> Reporting -> Small Business Loans
  • Polishing continues
  • Added new hotkey <ctrl><alt>o -- opens another instance of Gigbuilder in a new tab
  • Fixed sales tax issue when an option had more than one quantity
  • Polishing continues
  • Added quick mass-email button in connect -> mass email
  • Added ability to mass-email all venue contacts
  • Mass email templates can be removed and leads re-assigned or deleted in mass
  • Fixed issue with quick email from event to client not sending subject
  • Multiple recipients (CC) in scheduled email now works
  • Added feature in appointment to open and edit a related event
  • Polishing User Interface making things easier to get at
  • Added feature in Merchant Services which allows you to set the event status after a deposit payment is made online
  • Fixed default event start times and duration
  • Added event color functionality in user interface
  • Added feature to Guest Requests which uses phone number instead of pin
  • Guest Request client will automatically be added to the event coordinator's guest list once logged in
  • If not using PIN system for guest requests we use their IP address to permit song request caps (we do not recommend using non-pin)
  • Instituted video help section which can be found under tools -> about
  • Event planner can now view, edit, and delete guest requests if guest manager enabled
  • Installed a video help system accessed under help which grabs videos from facebook Gigbuilder Live
  • Multiple UI fixes
  • Bulk Email Campaigns fully functional
  • New Token {$C_LOGIN} provides the url for a client to directly login without password (use to make your own links)
  • New Token {$C_LOGINLINK} provides a full clickable link to the client planner
  • New Token {$COUNTDOWN} provides the number of days to the event
  • E-Contracts can have custom signatures -- open the template and you'll see the field
  • Signatures now properly notify admin when approving or declining
  • You can now send queried mass emails to clients, employees, or vendors
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar getting wrong event status
  • Fixed/New Virtual Meetings -- now integrated into Gigbuilder
  • PDF and Print buttons work for contracts, worksheets, etc
  • Setup times are properly being calculated
  • Fixed email reply-to
  • Fixed single quote error in emails
  • Rewrote MTA to handle new upstream email provider
  • Updated DNS entries for more reliable email delivery
  • Added feature in Housecleaning to trace email delivery
  • Additional info available for venues -- from the drop down picklist there's an option for more info
  • Fixed issue when assigning employees and the status is above the threshhold
  • Wrote Wizard for new users which sets up Gigbuilder within minutes
  • Added routine to export accounting
  • Added copyTo on some emails for multiple recipients
  • Re-integrated live help system - homepage can be turned off in dashboard
  • Added new tip system -- can be managed in dashboard
  • Added new feature to turn on or off text url links -- some providers and some handsets drop messages containing them (we do not send links to clients)
  • Fixed numerous minor issues found on Facebook Gigbuilder page
  • Fixed random text appearing on some dashboard widgets
  • Fixed Manual Credit Card Terminal Routine
  • Rewrote notification email system and adding delivery controls
  • Updated Venues view to show address, change colors for status, and push to call buttons for phone
  • Installed new outgoing mail server system with enhanced delivery controls
  • Rewrote some sms notifications as well for notifications of meetings, etc.
  • Upgraded server software
  • Preparing system for Chrome changes in 90 days (again)
  • Fixed an issue with Google Calendar and new appointments failing to save on some systems
  • New software installed for load balancing equipment
  • Fixed an issue where "none at this time" would sometimes overlap on new web requests
  • Fixed an issue where some new requests did not have email address saved and therefore no auto reply
  • Fixed outgoing issue with mail spam
  • Fixed issue with deposit date not appearing during some client payment transactions
  • Several debugging issues and performance improvements
  • Add new feature to display holidays on all calendars plus add your own
  • Fixed a bunch of discount tokens and added two (2) for the "create your own"
  • Fixed additional issues with event action emails -- better delivery and subjects now carry through
  • You can double-click in an event to put it in edit mode
  • Various backend cleanups, fixes, and coding enhancements
  • Added mini wysiwyg editor to client notes and will move to all other notes fields eventually
  • Fixed issue with appointments not deleting under certain circumstances
  • Added calendar appointment integration into Google Calendar (still alpha)
  • Fixed issue with employee time off requests not departing the dashboard when approved or declined
  • Fixed deletion options on log files
  • Rewrote most of the Daily Summary task
  • Fixed task button on dashboard
  • Fixed issue with URL not clickable on text messages notifying of a new event
  • Cleaned up calendar to show time off instead of blackout when its actually a time off
  • New Feature hides empty widgets -- settings-dashboard-at bottom of page
  • Some timeoff cleaning
  • Added additional color to calendar for days that just have time off requests
  • Fixed issue with zip code not being added to client when checkdate online
  • Wrote extensive library to communicate with a majority of Google Products
  • Wrote instant integration into Google Calendar (ALPHA)
  • Added ability to generate a single webpage with all gigbuilder toys on it (Interactive form in web setup)
  • Cleaned multiple fields that were not looking correct on mobile devices
  • Added new feature that highlights changed fields so you'll know what changed when saving
  • Started backend integration with Google services (will replace calendar when done)
  • Added extra links in connect-mail to quickly compose memo
  • Moved relay information to email servers in company info
  • Configured logos to work with various reports provided by Gigbuilder
  • Meetings properly archive and are removed from active views
  • Event Post Production Tab completed
  • Task Status functioning properly
  • Added search capability to templates on emails
  • Fixed issue with sorting income and issue with payment method and type sometimes reversing
  • Debugged some problems with certain daily automated messages not being delivered
  • Fixed event worksheet page protect to only display if actual fields were changed (this will require a cache clear)
  • Rewrote utility to email e-Cards for versions 5 and 6
  • Rewrote some of email transport to handle multiple recipients
  • Updated daily summary email to handle ecards properly
  • Next Actions can now pull contracts or emails (new)
  • Replies to availability go to the client instead of gigbuilder
  • Complete rewrite of mail system (not finished either)
  • Significantly Improved delivery of gigbuilder-generated emails
  • NEW forward control in setup->company will forward any incoming email to your inbox
  • Updating of the email form and user interface (more to do)
  • Forwarded emails will allow you to reply instantly to the sender and has a SENDER value of "Gigbuilder Mail Relay" so you know it came from us
  • Notifications of new event requests cleaned up and direct link to event is supplied
  • Direct link to event on new requests added to SMS response
  • Quite a bit of back-end fixes
  • Cleaned up Appointments
  • Cleaned up Tasks
  • Added option to connect tasks to event
  • Cleaned up event worksheet
  • Updated popular music lists
  • Added Recently Modified Events as a dashboard option
  • Fixed remaining bug in Next Action that sometimes caused the action not to close
  • Instagram link fixed
  • Appointments can now send reminders instantly as a new option
  • Ability to upload and use Company Image in documents, etc via token
  • Fixed issue with v5 email recipient names not showing
  • Email views now sort properly and "remember" your selection
  • You may upload several images for your company to be used in various locations
  • Rewrote Next Actions to work as intended
  • Cleaned up Setup Menus
  • Added Attire choices to defaults
  • Check Availability for Employees on worksheet operational
  • Auto SMS permits event type selection
  • Check Availability Phone Script fixed
  • Spotify integration has begun -- already changed our popular charts to Spotify
  • Check Availability website form properly shows and follows required fields including zip code
  • SEO system now fully integrated
  • Header and Footer saves on worksheet edits
  • Fixed a small issue with text messaging
  • Fixed various 404 error links
  • Fixed music list widget
  • Popular Music Book now printing the most current charts
  • Fixed sorting issue on signatures view
  • Fixed activity log
  • Replaced ww1 and www2 servers with new equipment
  • Updated music library for more list input automation
  • Replaced email server
  • Fixed event form in read mode which did not show music tab
  • Client login resources will show role if assigned
  • Updated Default Music Library for new RSS coding
  • Added 2018 and 2019 most popular songs to songlist
  • Added print button to Default Music Database which will print whatever is selected on the drop-down
  • Client login area can now see attachments
  • Client login area was missing some formatting and buttons
  • Client login area can now add additional resources
  • Emails sent to client on primary client tab now display in client login
  • Minor fixes while testing
  • Added ability to select and delete multiple documents inbox & purchase manager
  • Made changes to payment portal (CDG) so that user name is properly formatted and will appear in invoices
  • Updated Gigbuilder-generated invoices
  • Various minor fixes while testing
  • In Housekeeping you can now properly convert your version 5 and older version 6 next actions.
  • Actions open appear on homepage -- all actions have their own view
  • Fixed issue with event date not appearing on generic music forms
  • Fixed issue with NOTES not saving on timeline
  • Fixed issue with contract e-signatures not appearing
  • Rewrote Next Actions
  • New Action View shows all completed actions
  • Fixed some issues with reporting in Events
  • Clients can now print extra documents and music requests (if selected)
  • Fixed issue with Generic Music Requests not appearing properly or able to print
  • Fixed issue with Next Actions showing on homepage when all actions are selected in setup
  • Various internal fixes
  • Rewrote some internal code
  • Fixed client admin so that resources and their photos display
  • Fixed issue with clients unable to open attachments in client planner
  • Fixed issue with clients unable to save vendor information
  • Fixed issue with instant estimates not showing images
  • Fixed issue with instant estimates when time goes past midnight
  • Fixed issue with events ending at midnight showing wrong times
  • Added copy button for contracts
  • Added additional check availability forms
  • Fixed venue tokens and added two additional {VENUE_NOTES} and {VENUE2_NOTES} which pull venue notes from the worksheet; the others pull from the actual venue
  • Fixed payment history token
  • Added feature to override client logins -- go into the client and you can specify how many days instead of using whatever you set as default
  • Next Actions date fields are no longer being updated when events are edited
  • Copy feature added to auto emails.
  • Booking by System correctly counting availability
  • Fixed issue with attachments not being removed on scheduled emails
  • Overtime only calculates when a package contains time
  • Start Time now defaults to settings
  • Added a number of settings for contract dates, etc.
  • Fixed worksheet and survey issues when clicking from a link
  • Fixed Star-rating control on worksheets and surveys
  • When final payment made the payment date is now automatically set
  • Fixed issue with signing contracts from links
  • New Feature - auto email manager by event (its under the client tab)
  • PDF buttons working on client login
  • Date fields auto-populate when making manual payments such as deposit or final payment
  • Additional event fields (contacts) added to 'other' tab
  • Some basic html cleanup
  • Added Leads by Date View & repaired check/delete option
  • Client History button fixed
  • Delete Event Type fixed
  • Worksheet sections can be moved
  • Meetings generated outside worksheets can be related to an event
  • Fixed issue with song queries erroring if no results
  • Fixed issue with some links not working on iOS
  • Fixed problem with client login date not appearing on worksheet
  • Fixed issue with attachments not removing on automated emails
  • Employees no longer are auto-accepted
  • Changed buttons on song selection to match boxes
  • Songs removed no longer require a page reload
  • Overtime automatically calculates
  • Fixed Employee Report
  • Fixed an issue with daily emails
  • Fixed contract signature issues
  • Fixed appointment delete button
  • Email notifications for client login
  • Insured items automatically sent to Mavon
  • Notifications by text and logs when client logs in
  • SQUARE and CDG Commerce processing now functional on e-Signatures
  • Payment History token fixed
  • Client Activity Log properly marks client logins
  • Client Activity Log properly marks worksheet edits
  • Pricing fields can be updated with phones (you will have to clear cache)
  • FIXED issues with incorrect end date times in some check availability circumstances
  • Copy & Paste code for forms now forces secure pages for clients when checking availability
  • Connect manage by leads, etc., now goes to the proper views
  • Blackouts appear on calendar
  • Details of Blackouts appear on dashboard as a widget (setup -> dashboard)
  • Blackouts by system properly count
  • Client Center will now load even if a client is not yet selected
  • When selecting alternative titles for music selection they now properly appear
  • Time Off Requests properly appear in both Gigbuilder and Employee Module
  • Canadian Provinces added to check availability
  • Event Actions will now remove when completed
  • Best time to call field placed on details tab of event
  • Picklist in client section no longer asks for login
  • Next Action when in edit mode will still allow you to open event
  • Client center worksheets now accepting special characters (& etc)
  • Client center worksheet sidebar now properly showing event information
  • Worksheets may be safely deleted
  • Time off requests have been fixed
  • employee accept/reject has been fixed
  • worksheet names correctly being displayed for client
  • Top Hits USA updated through 2019
  • Fixed issue with text notifications
  • Fixed issue with new client from event not saving zip code
  • Next actions will now remove when closing inside event -- to remove actions before this fix, go to the action -- edit -- mark completed and it will remove
  • Fixed issue with public calendar not displaying (ticket #5905A3250)
  • Added missing website look and feel fields (ticket #5903V1601)
  • Fixed issue with inability to delete and resassign packages
  • Fixed alternative login link on website
  • Services can be deleted and renamed
  • Packages are now able to link assigned event types (was read-only for quite some time)
  • Facebook Links Corrected
  • Added lockout and override for client access in the event record to compliment the field in client record.
  • Fixed default client image to be responsive
  • Fixed ability to show ranges instead of prices when checking availability
  • Event names on dashboard buttons appear correctly
  • When editing second venue it properly saves to second venue; likewise with remove
  • Worksheet names for client was not properly displaying when client logged in to update
  • Contract LINK {$CONTRACT_LINK} will display client title when applicable
  • Discount percentage issues corrected
  • Setup wizard properly completes
  • Blackouts can be deleted
  • Fixed some issues with CHROME and secure pages
  • Fixed redirect issues with http calls
  • Added past-due view which is located in finance
  • Fixed Chrome bug for readonly fields
  • Generic Music list can be added on the event type
  • Fixed issue with client multiple submission of check availability by locking the reserve button once pressed
  • Fixed issue with IP addresses on electronic signatures
  • Fixed payment issue with electronic signatures
  • Once date is "reserved" client has option to return to your homepage OR page you provide
  • email images for instant estimate now being served properly
  • Next Action widget is now active for the homepage
  • URL links sent in emails, etc., can now have expiration dates
  • Fixed payment issues on e-Signature contracts
  • Save button added to event worksheet -- will save without leaving the event
  • SMS notifications fixed
  • Next Action Closing fixed
  • Next actions can be created from the event document
  • edited event can be switched to read mode if necessary
  • shortened url generator replaced and randomized
  • event request links repaired
  • Fixed issue with client editing on events (now saving all fields)
  • Fixed issue with billboard charting
  • When creating new events the backup person was not being pulled from setup
  • Multiple addons may now be selected when checking date availability
  • When manually entering deposit, event will change status to 'Confirmed' automatically
  • Custom-Entered Discount now displays on client admin
  • Rebuilt webtools.js to handle requests to both www1 and www2 servers fixing a multitude of check availability errors
  • Fixed www1 and www2 errors in multiple subroutines
  • Fixed date issue with Dashboard Time Off Requests
  • Calendar date ranges for reports increased to up to five years from three months
  • Added fourth discount which is a typed field so you can create any type of discount
  • Next actions from version 5 have been copied -- there's a LOT more to actions in version 6 -- check here
  • customers can now process credit cards normally -- we also support SQUARE, CDG, and any system using
  • Daily housecleaning correctly takes care of appointments, e-signatures, and change requests
  • Issue with some alerts not showing fixed
  • e-signatures now display in worksheets + edit mode
  • e-cards sending
  • Fixed display of office phone number when date availablity used
  • Davebot can now create support desk tickets
  • Fixed some issues with daily emails not being sent
  • All emails going out of the system are being saved in the sent folder when its sent manually OR in relation to an event (this was the intended goal)
  • Housecleaning issues fixed
  • Repaired a few issues with check availability not showing available systems
  • Payments made now showing up properly
  • Can import new worksheets
  • Can import SMS but still need to fix remaining imports
  • Pricing options can be stepped by .5 instead of by 1 unit
  • Automated Emails can be deleted (still need to fix remaining delete options)
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes not recording on client worksheets
  • Fixed issue with logins after event completed
  • Fixed issue with additional line spacing when saving new emails
  • Fixed issue with option values not appearing
  • Fixed discount percentage and allows for just package OR package plus addons
  • Discount fixed rate fixed as well
  • Setup wizard migrated from version 5
  • Phone Script Completed
  • Payment dialog now works with mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with SQUARE Processing -- their NONCE IDs changed
  • Internal fixes including ability to delete more items
  • Appointments will now close properly after date passes
  • Fixed location name that was not showing on client login
  • Events can be duplicated
  • Expenses on event worksheet now include custom categories
  • Survey results are properly sorting by date
  • Misc. internal fixes
  • Finished TASK form and supporting features
  • Updated new SMS routine to provide task name(s) and direct click URLS
  • Fixed a number of internal bugs
  • Fixed issue with Paypal not confirming events or applying charges when client makes payment
  • Fixed issue with Square not confirming events or applying changes when client makes payment
  • Fixed issue with double sending request forms
  • Emails now send special characters (including $ & and others)
  • SMS issue with employee notification fixed
  • Fixed issue with worksheets not saving properly
  • Fixed issue with a number of client login fields not being saved
  • Fixed scrolling issue when using iPhone to send email
  • Fixed issue with event worksheet not properly doing math when event created from the web
  • Fixed several check availability issues
  • Tested some new SMS routines
  • Fixed background image on client login
  • Permit uploading of custom background image for client login
  • Fixed numerous bugs within client login such as not showing event name when editing worksheets
  • Fixed issue with wrong css displaying during client login window
  • Timelines save properly
  • Event image now displays on client login
  • Pursued leads added to homepage - was not showing even if selected
  • PDF print button now works on all documents previewed
  • Fixed issue with some worksheets not printing using the PRINT button when event is being edited
  • worksheets may now be printed individually - open and press the PRINT button (just like contracts, documents)
  • Fixed issue with messages or text messages not being displayed to client
  • Fixed issue with client being able to read old messages
  • Fixed issue with editing or adding additional client (was going to primary)
  • Event payments view was not displaying by date
  • Payments and expenses can be edited on event form
  • Deposit percentages properly being applied
  • Default deposit information now available in Defaults & Options - may override by package
  • Fixed issue with paypal billing not creating records
  • Fixed issue with payments not applying automatically to events
  • Fixed issue with payments not notifying or sending receipts
  • Fixed account summary on client login to accurately show payments
  • Fixed issue with some contracts not displaying in email drop-down box
  • Added last name to event name when clicking quick buttons from dashboard
  • Fixed issue with billing options/addons tax
  • Fixed some formatting and navigation issues
  • Modified reminder routine -- some were not going out
  • Updated music database billboard insertions
  • Added page to create additional client links for client login (from v5)
  • Updated client login area to display custom links
  • Fixed issue with admin logging in as client and opening the wrong client when using client login link
  • Fixed issue with client login when client was set to always login -- override
  • Considerably sped up the client login routine
  • Fixed issue where client could see unsigned contract by service provider
  • Fixed issue with signing contracts by service provider -- just click and sign
  • Notifications to client and admin when date check has been fixed
  • Blackout forms properly load
  • Overtime info re-added to packages
  • Packages set to display rates now show on check availability
  • Fixed issue with client email not displaying all mail templates
  • Fixed issue with package selection
  • Meetings drop down was erroring when a duration field was not valid -- fixed
  • Added file/attachment manager to venue forms
  • Added file manager to event worksheet for testing -- will apply globally after test
  • Added signed document viewer to event worksheet
  • Fixed some SMS messaging issues
  • Fixed pricing display on check availability form -- was defaulting to show price
  • Fixed issue with taxes when only one package was selected (packages must have taxable set to yes)
  • Fixed explanation of worksheet when client adding info
  • Fixed issue with client typing song request and not saving -- also was not saving in select text fields -- both fixed
  • Fixed issue with printing documents (cleared stray html elements)
  • Cloud Manager has been re-activated
  • Image uploads now functional
  • Fixed issue with selecting music IF not using default database
  • Fixed client login menu so that it displays collapsed on mobile devices until menu button is selected
  • Changed beta versions (MMDDXX) which will show the month, day, and release (during day) instead of progressive numbering
  • Fixed issue with printing worksheets while in edit mode
  • Fixed issue with text messaging mutliple appointment attendees