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Please choose the music you would like to hear at your reception. There are three categories, Priority, Should Play, and DO NOT PLAY. You will see that there is a limit of 50 songs between the Priority and Additional Requests. You may also special request music that is not found on this database, but that music is NOT covered under the "7-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee"
, The limits also stress the importance of giving your DJ the flexibility to read the crowd and play what is working.
, As you select the music you would like for your event, please remember that I will do the best I can to use your chosen selections. However, I do NOT guarantee to play all of your selections and I reserve the right to play the music that I see is working with you and your family & friends.,
If you have any questions, please call me at (941) 227-5900. Thank you.

Feel free to browse our music library OR check your date (below). Each customer is provided with a more powerful on-line tool that organizes requests and much more!

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